Hello,I'm Richard

Product Designer and Design Leader

I'm a Product Designer, specializing in User Experience (UX) and Interaction Design (IxD) with a firm grasp of Visual and User Interface Design. I'm currently designing products at the software development consultancy Pivotal Labs, where I help advocate and inject thoughtful design into Agile development. I revel in the design process and love collaborating with smart folks to deliver great products that are useful and delightful.

In addition to design, I have a passion for new technologies, learning, and discovery. In my spare time, you can find me at shows (I'm a huge music fan), making things in code, or chaperoning my dog (she's a party animal).

Some Projects I'm Proud of

Working with Nissan and in collaboration with NASA, our team worked to create the future of autonomous mobility. The project leveraged Mars rover technology to allow new instructions to be provided to Autonomous Vehicles in trouble. This new information would then be shared out to the network of vehicles, training them all - a major step forward in self driving vehicles. The work premiered as CES 2017. See More Info

Daimler AG, makers of the Mercedes-Benz, asked us to explore the transition to and from driving in a connected world. One of the first ever connected car projects, it premiered at Frankfurt Motor Show. See More Info

Fuze is a collaboration tool for desktop, mobile, and web that combines HD audio and video with content sharing, screen share and chat. We were tasked to help build the next iteration of the software across desktop, web, and mobile to help change the way organizations communicate in a digital world. See More Info

Vulume is a project collaboration, sharing, and discovery tool for the built enviroment (architects, interior designers, etc). Together we worked to transform the way these professionals collaborate with their clients and contractors. See More Info

Hack the Future is a unique opportunity for youth to learn modern software engineering, robotics, product design, game development, and more from mentors from Silicon Valley technology companies. I handled the creation of branding for the organization as well as serve as a design mentor. See More Info

Iconic motorcycle company, Harley Davidson, approached us with a task: how can we use technology to increase rider engagement and "get more butt on bikes". Incorporating Lean Startup methods, we explored multiple paths forward to craft an app that users found useful and delightful. Available By Request

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