Enabling the Future of Autonomous Vehicles

I served as Product Designer in a unique collaboration of Pivotal Labs, Nissan, and NASA to address an autonomous vehicle's reactions to unpredictable situations – one of the biggest obstacles to self-driving tech.

Using technology modeled after NASA’s Visual Environment for Remote Virtual Exploration (VERVE) software, which is used to visualize and supervise interplanetary robots, we explored how we might be able to overcomes these obstacles in the way of AV progress.


What emerged was a in-depth look at the future of mobility and the creation of Nissan's "human in the loop" (HITL) solution SAM, something that's unlike any other in the auto industry.

Premiering at CES 2017, SAM is opening the doors to widespread use of autonomous vehicles. If you'd like to find out how we did it, I'd love to chat more.